Sanasjia Clervoix

Sanasjia Clervoix

Sanasjia Clervoix founded Artemis Rose with the intention to create more inclusive divine spaces to heal from a soul level. Her healing work is rooted in re-awakening the divine feminine energy and harnessing the power of self-healing through Reiki, Tarot, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Intuitive Astrology. She is fully in service through all of her healing offerings to bring her clients back home to their divinity and find power in pursuing the path of the soul.

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"Go see her. seriously. Her energy is amazing and is felt immediately as she walks in the room. I have gotten reiki, tarot and past life regression from her. Each has helped me immensely. releasing old stagnant energy and receiving so much clarity that I would not have been able to come to on my own. Past life regressions totally blew my mind and put a lot of things into perspective shining a light on patterns i have been engaging in for literal lifetimes. Healing is so unbelievably hard and Artemis Rose offers so much support and clarity when you cant think or see straight. I am so grateful for all of the help and support. Thank you for everything, always 💗"

"Sanasjia’s work is highly recommended. She has a way with words that is pure ebb and flow. She serves as a vessel while Spirit channels through her. She is very patient and takes the time and space to understand my personal process. All the messages are being downloaded for her to receive, in which she shares with me. She offers her neutral hand in the process of healing. I always feel much better/receive more clarity after receiving a session. Thank you sister. You are a true gift to this world."

"Sanasjia is sweet, personable and thorough. Do yourself a favor and schedule a reading. You will be in the loving care of a very gifted spirit."