Mariko Tamegai

Mariko Tamegai

Mariko Is a Reiki master and Sound healing practitioner originally from Japan. She is an open mind and a good listener who makes friends easily with people, animals and plants. She is passionate about finding healing for beings in need of support for physical and mental issues. Her spiritual journey as a healing practitioner started after she experienced a tragic life event. Grief made her to be a healer for many needs. As a healer, she uses intuitions and empathy to offer her clients deep relaxation, the feeling of being grounded, and self-love. She has been treating clients with anxiety, addiction problems, and other physical and emotional needs. Mariko started her Reiki studies with Lisa Levine and got her Master with Erika Spring. She has studied and practiced music for most of her adult life, and has studied sound healing with Katie Down. Mariko also collaborates with the American Suicide Prevention


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"I have had Mariko's Reiki a few times, normally in search for the relief of some sort of physical pain or weakness. Every single time I fell asleep at some point through the session and woke up hours later in a totally different space, feeling recharged, in peace, and ready to go. Mariko has also given Reiki to my dog a couple of times, in-person and long-distance, one case after surgery.
Both times the dog came out of the session significantly better than before. I highly recommend it."

“I’ve never interested in Reiki before until my friend had a good experience with Reiki with Mariko and now I’m trying it myself! In my sessions with her for Long-distance reiki. I am definitely feeling warm like a lay down on the beach and positive energy as well, and I’m looking forward to doing more sessions with her.”

“ I was first introduced to Reiki by Mariko in 2018 At the time I was beginning my journey in recovery from addiction. I was suffering from anxiety and nearly debilitating depression and other psychological symptoms I was struggling to cope with. I started doing Reiki sessions with Mariko twice a month. Mariko truly has an intuitive and special ability to heal others. As our sessions have progressed over the past 2 years my anxiety levels were improved and I always left our sessions feeling more calm and serene. I highly recommend Mariko. She’s very passionate and skilled in her Reiki practice and I wouldn’t do it with anyone else at this point.”

“Very surprising and great experience that I had Reiki from Mariko. Totally recommend! I've had the chance to have Reiki by two different people a few years ago and I didn't like it very much. However, I decided to have from Mariko because I had ovarian surgery and was feeling awful after three days.
my friend recommended her to me. My body hurts a lot and I couldn't walk after surgery. Also, I couldn't breathe well by damages of general anesthesia and the gas which was used during the surgery.  It was very painful…I knew that it's side effects after the laparoscopy surgery and I just needed to wait for healing my body while taking medications. But, I just wanted a release from pain and awful feelings, then I took Reiki session from Mariko. Wow! My boyfriend and I were surprised after I had her Reiki session. I was able to walk faster and could breathe easier and my appetite was back ! Still no idea about Reiki but I definitely recommend Reiki from Her. "