Mariana Castañeda Lopez

Mariana Castañeda Lopez

Mariana is a licensed massage therapist, certified Pilates instructor, attuned reiki practitioner and breathwork facilitator. With a strong appetite for growth and learning, Mariana loves to work in collaboration, listening to client’s needs and encouraging communication throughout the session. She aims to teach awareness and understanding to develop agency, leaving clients empowered with new found ease, understanding, and awe of their bodies.

Supporting mind-body integration, Mariana’s approach is thorough and detailed, leaving clients feeling balanced and refreshed after a session. Her massage work draws a variety of both Eastern and Western techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, shiatsu and Thai massage. Her reiki and breathwork sessions combine intuitive grace with the experience of studied practice.

With each healing modality she offers, Mariana believes that through transforming your relationship to your body, you can transform your life. She is excited about helping people re-claim power over their lives through re-claiming the power they hold in their bodies.


55 min Massage $120
85 min Massage $160

55 min reiki $120
25 min reiki $60
85 min Massage + reiki combo $180

55 min Breathwork $140
55 min Breathwork + reiki combo $160


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