Erika Spring

Erika Spring

Erika is a Reiki master, practitioner and teacher, grateful to be working with Reiki for over eight years.  The foundation of her practice is using gentle hands-on touch to help her clients deeply rest and feel in harmony with the subtle energies around and within them.  

She holds space with kindness and love for her clients so they can access their own inner wisdom and navigate whatever comes their way with ease and grace. 
She has experience working with clients on physical ailments, stress & anxiety, life transitions, heartache, general overwhelm, creative problem solving and processing past trauma. 

Erika also works with women on reproductive health, fertility, and through all stages of pregnancy.  She recently became a mother herself and is excited to bring her greater understanding of birth and motherhood into the Reiki treatment room.  

Erika has studied with Deborah Hanekamp, Lisa Levine and Jean Bromage and incorporates wisdom from the 3 lineages into her practice.  

55 minute Reiki Healing session $120

45 minute Distance Reiki Healing Session $100

This 45-minute distance reiki session is conducted online, from the comfort of your own home. When booking, please select the "ONLINE" pricing option to book your Remote session. 

Book below or phone us between 11am and 8pm at 718-757-2758
Please review our cancellation policy before booking.




"Receiving Reiki from Erika feels like a giant hug! It lingered throughout the next day and I just felt surrounded by love."
-Laurel S.

"Words cannot express how amazing I feel right now. Am floating down the street! So much to look at! In love with my body. Love to you and those hands!!" -Allison Z.

"Erika is kind, she is warm, she is humble, she is knowledgeable. I think one would assume these traits about many Reiki Masters, but Erika is much more than that. She was so accessible as a teacher – the whole experience felt collaborative and open; she created an environment that felt safe to learn and explore in. She was also fun and funny – certainly unexpected and I’m grateful that she was. It was a joy to learn from her and she will certainly be the Reiki Master I seek out for my Reiki 2 training."  -Veronica G