Debbie Attias

Debbie Attias

Debbie Attias is a healer, musician, and artist that lives by the mantra Fun Heals Everything. Debbie received her BFA from Tisch school of the arts and for many years traveled the world singing and dancing with her band, Avenue D.  She has studied Reiki, Breathwork, Tarot, Sound Healing, Akashic Records, Various types of Meditation and Yoga. Currently she teaches happiness through her unique DANCORCISM class, leads international retreats and offers private healing sessions that creatively incorporate healing modalities to bring you back to you. 

About Sessions:  
In a healing session, Debbie’s intention is to help you connect with the place of bliss and ecstasy that is already deep inside of you. When you are connected to your source and your love, your body easily heals itself. You are on this planet to be who you truly are and express that in a way that only you can. Debbie believes that your creativity is your greatest magic and is here to help you reconnect to the truth of your being.
Sessions always involve some talking and guidance with Debbie. Breathwork involves an intense visceral journey through the psyche. It is particularly helpful for grief and trauma, and good for anyone who is stuck on something that they are ready to move through and release. It can be an emotional journey, and Debbie provides a constant loving presence combined with an intuitive playlist to carry you through it.
Reiki takes you to a place of extreme relaxation through loving touch and support. Debbie follows an intuitive process to direct her hands and energy sometimes providing feedback from your body. A Tarot reading with Debbie is about helping you create the future you want, not predicting it as is a common misconception. The truth is inside of you and what you need to do next is always clear, even if it’s simply the next step. Readings help you figure out what you want exactly, and what might be blocking you from achieving your hearts true desires.
A Sound Healing session helps bring your body and your cells back into harmony. At any given moment your personal ‘radio station’ can be tuned into many different stations, and a session can help tune you back into the frequency of pure love. Through the combination of sacred sound, and and invitation to open up and express yourself, Debbie will help you find the song in your heart. 


New Rates as of September 1, 2019


TAROT | 55min for $140 (+$60 per additional person)

BREATHWORK | 55min for $160 (+$60 per additional person)

SOUND HEALING | 75min for  $180 (+ $60 per additional person)

REIKI | 55m for $160

3 session package of any of the above = $420

COMBO SESSION (choose 2 modalities)  | 85min for $250 

A deeper exploration combining two modalities for clients looking for total transformation. 
(Package of 3 combo sessions x 225) = $675 

Sound Healing is not available as part of a combo session.

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Please review our cancellation policy before booking.