Maha Rose is Brooklyn's center for healing, inspiration, creativity and transformation. We offer holistic healing sessions in acupuncture, reiki, breathwork, hypnotherapy, as well as community events, and workshops to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Maha means high, holy and great in Sanskrit. The rose is the bountiful crown of the plant kingdom, radiating beauty and the energy of unconditional love to the world. Home and host to meditation groups, spiritual workshops and healing trainings in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Maha Rose is committed to the journey of healing and Joy. Touch, Dance, Song, Yoga, quiet and play are just a few of the many ways we offer space to explore our inner worlds; connecting with our Selves, to each other and to all that is.

"Maha Rose is a real oasis of calm in Greenpoint." -TImeOut NY

"Going to Maha Rose is the best I do for myself and I look forward to it each week. I want to live here!" -Toni Collette

"Maha Rose...feels like home.. The treatment rooms...[that's] where the magic really happens." - Pure Wow