Sunday, May 10th-- Women's Circle: Honoring the Mother

with Helen Buron
In this month's women circle, we'll be honoring the mother energy. Whether you have nurtured a child, fur babies, a project, or a cause, we as women have the gifts and the ability to birth positive change, love, light, and life into this world.

Through meditation, guided visualization, reflection, and sharing, we'll honor our connection to the Great Mother the Earth, the mothers who have come before us, and the mother energy that lives within us.  

Bring your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers. All women welcome!

Also bring with you a journal, a pen, an object to put in our sacred space if you like, and yourself exactly as you are

Exchange: $20 pre-register | $25 day of

Helen Buron is an empathic and intuitive woman journeying on the healing path as an artist, energy healing practitioner, holistic health coach, and student of the Universe. Her mission is to wildly inspire, gently guide, and lovingly hold space for the journey of transformation towards more vibrant health, soulful healing, and living a life of authentic purpose by coming back home to our bodies.