William Brisson

William Brisson

William Brisson is a master healer and feng shui expert. He has practiced Energetic Feng Shui, a space clearing aspect of Energetic Field Work for eighteen years. He knows from years of experience that our living and workspaces can either support us or act as a hindrance depending on their energetic health. He is passionate about helping families, children, and businesses to grow in healthy, clear environments so they may flourish, be happy, and develop their gifts. William has cleared and set the fields in many residential and commercial spaces in New York City and abroad. He has helped many individuals, families, and businesses bring positive shifts resulting in greater fruitfulness, peace, growth, and financial prosperity. William was one of Maha Rose’s early practitioners and Maha Rose founder Lisa Levine shares how William’s work has been powerfully transformative personally and for the spaces of Maha Rose. In addition to his work with Feng Shui, William was a lead facilitator, area coordinator, and instructor for The Way of the Heart for twelve years.

To Book/ Contact William: 
email: william@spiritsillumination.com
website: spiritsillumination.com


Personal Clearing and Integration Sessions

Personal Clearing and Integration Sessions can address any intention you would like to work on to support past, present, or future concerns and goals. These sessions work with your energy field which encompasses all of the known energetic systems and paradigms such as chakras, meridians, the aura, and energetic bodies, as well as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious. Your energy field influences all of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels, and extends from the most tangible to the highest and most lofty levels of your being. Your energy field has all of the inherited patterns and programming from countless ancestral generations and cultural influences, as well as all of the memories and issues from personal life experience and trauma. Your energy field is also where the clearing of impressions and projections, cords, and connections occurs. It also has all of your latent gifts, potentialities and the greatness within you still to realize and develop. Utilizing presence, breath, muscle testing, intuitive dialogue, and an energetic 'field work', we can identify, access, and clear challenging blocks and patterns so you may more easily realize and manifest all you desire for yourself and your life.

Energetic Feng Shui Sessions

Utilizing the same Personal Clearing and Integration processes as well as feng shui principles, Energetic Feng Shui Sessions work to clear and set the energy field of spaces such as your home and business. These sessions are approximately three hours and are done at your location or remotely. In addition to the work on your space, these sessions include extensive personal work for you as well as your business/projects. Energy clearing feng shui is less about design (which is what most people think of with feng shui, although some can be done as needed) and is more about the true original intentions of space harmonizing, which is working with the unseen level. Effectively clearing and shifting the energy of your environments can support your home where you spend so much time and sleep, and your business space(s) that depend on your success to become more conducive and supportive of your intentions, rather than allowing influences to work against them.

Your sessions are done in a kind, loving way from the heart. Many have said this experience is surprisingly gentle, and their path of personal empowerment and growth was a lot easier with this process than they expected. William wishes the same for you!

Energetic Feng Shui Rates negotiable based on a free short zoom or phone consult

For Your Home:

  • Studio, 1 or 2 Bedroom  // Remote Offering 
  • 3+ Bedrooms and residences up to 4000 sq ft  // Remote Offering 
  • add-on required if there is a business being solely conducted in your residence; you will receive 30-45 min extra work for you and your business. // Remote Offering  (If there was a business before sheltering in place and that will continue after)

For Your Business:

  • Businesses / Commercial // Remote Offering. Multi-location discounts

Testimonial for William Brisson: 

"As business owners, we can all agree there are many moving parts to navigating a thriving business, especially if you want to do so with joy and clarity. We found that hiring the right team and collaborating with like-minded people was only part of the recipe. We wanted our clients to feel a sense of ‘home’ in our wellness studio, to trust that they are safe and feel deeply calm and comfortable. Customer service supports this, yet we found there was another part that speaks greatly to people’s hearts and spirits. Energy! William Brisson’s Energetic Feng Shui Session helped us create a sense of peace and home we wanted for our clients. Since doing the work here, our clients and staff continuously comment on how good and peaceful it feels in our office, and how much they enjoy being here. Additionally, William’s work addresses and clears the old patterns that impede the very growth and success any entrepreneur desires. As the owners and leaders of our company and even with our best intentions, we continually brought our own patterns to what we were creating. Clearing those patterns through Personal Clearing and Integration sessions has led to a fantastic level of clarity, as well as phenomenal energy and awareness that prevails throughout our business and lives. William's work is both amazingly effective and very gentle, and it is clear he works from his heart in sessions. We personally feel William's work profoundly!”
–––– Cindy Suarez and Armando Fente, DTX/cellular evolution NYC