<Wednesdays, May 6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th, 2020> Psychic Development Certification Program –– Your Personal ID: Intuitive Development

Psychic Development Certification Program –– Your Personal ID: Intuitive Development

with Elly Molina
Wednesday, May 6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th
Exchange: $40 per class $150 for the series


Become a Certified Psychic Intuitive through a four week Psychic Development Workshop Here you’ll discover your Personal ID ( Intuitive Development). 

During this four week Psychic Development Workshop you will discover your Personal ID (Intuitive Development). You’ll discover which psychic tools and techniques are best for you to develop, utilize, and trust as you build upon and develop your own powerful intuition and psychic abilities. 

Week One: 

  • The Magic of Being Psychic - Educational with Psychic Developing exercises 
  • Learn and/ or review of the different modalities of intuition and the Clairs- 
  • Brain wave states and learn to access deep alpha immediately 
  • Telepathic activities 
  • Seeing Auras 

Week Two: 

Accessing Intuition- learning simple techniques to access and trust intuition 

  • The Intuitive Heart Process 
  • Meet ABE ( attitude, belief and expectancy) 
  • Thoughts, self talk, and language 
  • Remote Viewing Exercises ( learn to see without your eyes) 
  • Practice Telepathy 
  • Learn to turn on LED flashlights with our minds 

Week Three: 

  • Learn Remote Viewing, Psychometry, Telepathy and the benefits of each 
  • Intuitive Heart Exercises- Accessing Intuition through the heart 
  • Remote Diagnosing, Remote Influencing & Remote Healing ( This is an important process for those wishing to work as Intuitive Healers) 

Week Four: 

  • From Phenomena to Higher Conscious Awareness 
  • Practice Remote Viewing, blindfolded activities, reading without our eyes 
  • Telepathy, Intro to Telekinesis ( moving objects with our minds) 

Upon completion of all 4 sessions you will have gained the basic principles for certification. All these activities can be taught to children in a kind and loving way. 

Upon completion of this program, with continued practice, you will have the knowledge to prepare to work as a psychic. 

Requirements: Blinders (eye masks ) are required. 


Amazon Bestselling author, Elly Molina, is an international mind power consultant, educator and visionary. Elly’s clients include former Heads of State, celebrities, business professionals and seekers. Elly has appeared on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and in The New York Times. Elly is the author of Children Who Know How to Know (Black Opal Books) and Annabelle and the Domino, and her latest release, a collaborative Amazon Bestseller, titled Dancing In The Unknown. Elly holds a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from NYU and contributes to See Beyond Magazine, Meaningful Mom Magazine and Thriveglobal. She is a leading expert in children’s intuitive development and the founder of Psi-Kids www.psi-kids.com