<Wednesdays, February 5th-March 11th> Compassionate Communication: A Six-Week Intro Course

Compassionate Communication: A Six-Week Intro Course

with Lyndsey Harrington
Wednesdays, February 5th-March 11th

Exchange: $295


Compassionate Communication, which is commonly known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC), is a practice that was originated by American psychologist and peace activist Marshall Rosenberg in the late 20th century. It provides us with the tools to live from the heart, transitioning from a world of judgement and blame to one of empathy and understanding . With NVC, we are invited to live in connection to the feelings and needs that drive our every word and action, and to become curious about what might be driving the words and actions of others. We can learn to understand and advocate for ourselves on a deep level, cultivate more harmony and connection in our relationships, and approach the world with an increased spirit of generosity.

In this six-week introductory course, here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • The NVC Basics: Why do humans do what they do? What are feelings and needs through an NVC lens?
  • An alternative approach to empathy, how we can effectively offer empathy to ourselves and each other, and why it’s important.
  • How to become more present listeners.
  • Learning how to hear ‘no’ and say ‘no’ with compassion.
  • “Scary Honesty”: How to prepare ourselves for conversations we’re nervous about.
  • How we can navigate conflict when we’re angry.
  • Making requests and setting boundaries from a place of self-connection.
  • Learning how to take triggering statements less personally.
  • Distinguishing neutral observation from our story of what happened.
  • Calling our judgmental mind “in”, not “out”!
  • And much more!

This course is intended for absolute beginners, as well as those looking to revive and/or refresh an ongoing practice. We encourage you to arrive each week with a fed belly, as well as a notebook and pen.

If participants would like some understanding of what "NVC" or Compassionate Communication is before the course begins, the first four chapters of Marshall Rosenberg's book "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life" can be a helpful place to start.

Lyndsey Harrington has been dedicated to the path of communication since she first encountered Marshall Rosenberg’s book, “Nonviolent Communication” in 2012. Growing up with a deep love for meditation, she found herself reaching a place of compassion during her meditations with ease, but then instantly losing it during her day-to-day interactions. She became curious about practices that could help her “walk the walk” of living a more compassionate life, and for her, this practice is that tool. After developing a practice on her own for several years, in 2015, Lyndsey began studying with the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication and then, in 2017, joined their team as a workshop facilitator/trainer. She has facilitated several NYCNVC intensives, supported the organization as a course coordinator, and has led and co-led Compassionate Communication practice groups in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley.