Wednesday, September 26th -- Moon Club: Story Medicine Circle


with Alexandra Roxo 

Come gather and use the power of your voice as a tool for magic, healing, and empowerment!

We will start with a guided meditation and short breathwork session accompanied by hands on healing. We will then move into our storytelling circle. In the circle you will experience being seen, held, inspired, and witness in a community. 

The theme for 7 minute stories is: Magic is a Practice.

See you there! 


Exchange: $40


Alexandra Roxo is a writer and soon to be author with Sounds True, the co-founder of Moon Club, a filmmaker/artist, and transformational teacher. She has been devoted to the practice of moon ritual and being a part of the re-balancing of masculine and feminine energies on Planet Earth for many years through art, writing, and transformational work. She has mentored, coached, and lead 100's of hours of rituals, coaching work, and empowerment for women. Her film, video, photo, and TV work have been viewed by millions online, screened in international film festivals, and featured in press from Variety Magazine to NY Magazine to the London Times. Her Instagram posts and photos are where she currently finds artistic expression but stay tuned for more soon. "Stay to get in touch with the Divine Feminine within." - The New York Times