Wednesday, October 3rd -- The Secrets of The Crystal Rainbow


with Peer Plaot (*visiting from Israel*)



We were educated from Childhood that Magic is only found in Fairy Tales, Magic Kingdom and Rabbits jumping out of black old hats.

We were told that living things are animals and plants, and that the most knowledgeable and intelligent creature of all is the Human.

What if in one evening you will learn that there is a different story about Magic and life?

If you choose the first story, Crystals are stones that can heal.

If you will invite yourself into my story, Crystals are living entities of power, which hold a loving treasure within them that has been put in them Billions of years ago, and thus, able to heal your emotional system better than any other treatment.

I invite you to a very unique and unforgettable evening in which we will communicate with those entities, experience their healing power on our emotions, and take part in a very ancient ceremony that summons Goodness into our lives.

This is your chance to choose a different story, and maybe even change your life…

Experience the powerful healing of crystals through ancient Shamanic rituals from the Magical Galilee in the land of Israel. There will be glitter, crystals, sharing, learning, magic, & more! 

image from previous workshop: 

Exchange: $50 

S I G N . U P . O N L I N E 

Pe’er Pla’ot, Walking the path of “Ah-ren” (Crystal women and men) for 7 years, in service of the Cosmic Womb Workshop facilitator and educator Facilitator of personal “Rainbow Waterfall” treatments for the retrieving of emotional Harmony and Crystal Emotional healing workshops Teacher and host for healthy communication Studying at “Umata”, Training Center for Shamanic and the old feminine ways Lives in Kfar Vradim in The Galilee of Northern Israel