Wednesday, May 8th -- Crystal Visions: Venusian Themes

Wednesday, May 8th -- Crystal Visions: Venusian Themes

with Anna Toonk & Christina Lovely


An evening of crystals, tarot, sound, and reiki on the heels of the Venus-ruled Taurus New Moon. Whether you want to cultivate more abundance, call in love, or just power up your creativity the season offers so many energies to enjoy and strengthen. We’ll coast on those lunar vibes to explore themes of love, art, creativity, and money, offering messages and tools to plant seeds for what you desire.

The evening will begin with a tarot card pull by Anna for each participant to receive a message from Venus, afterward participants will be able to select a reiki infused crystal who’s energy aligns with either their message or intention for the sound bath.

Everyone will get to go on a sound journey with Christina to receive any messages, or just relax and receive the energy of their crystal. An evening to connect to the season of Taurus and plant seeds for the lunar cycle, or just feel very Venusian.

Exchange: $60

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Anna is a spiritual worker who often uses cards, but usually just knows things. Originally from the South, grew up abroad and practices in NYC. She reads tarot, the Akashic Records, offers reiki, and intuitive channeled guidance delivering this in a loving but grounded manner. She thrives on helping people get where they want to go in their life empowering them to make their most authentic decisions. She not only loves this work but has extensive training in it. She completed a one on one 12 week Soul Mastery Intensive Training with the wildly talented Lindsay Mack attended Delphi University of Spiritual Studies, completing their In-Depth Channeling program, and studied the Akashic Records with Christina Cross and is a Usui Reiki Master. Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairsentience, and medium work. She’s a seer, feeler and intuitive channel giving you the truest intuitive message she is able to obtain from spirit guides, benevolent loved ones who have passed on, and Spirit. She teaches classes about tarot, herbs, intuition, crystals and all things mystical. Her aim is to make ancient practices more accessible to people, and explore how they can be used in our modern lives. Anna’s worked with numerous individuals one on one and brands.

Christina Lovely is a Reiki Master Teacher, practitioner that has been working within the wellness community for the past 17 years. She combines her intuitive insights with her energetic healing tools in a powerful combination of Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Massage Therapy, Aesthetics, breath work and sound therapy treatments. Her extensive training has allowed her to be able to dive deep with her clients while providing a safe and well cared for environment. Christina's philosophy is that she is walking along a shared path with her clients, helping them to utilize their own talents and gifts to bring them into balance. Christina hails from northern California and the southwest were she draws upon her great love of textiles. She has studied textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and uses her color theory knowledge along with colorful textiles to add to her high vibrational therapy sessions. Her training includes Maha Rosa, Liza Fenster, Johnathan Hammond, Catherine Foley, Southwest Institute of Healing arts, and Aveda Institute.