Wednesday, March 6th -- Sound Meditation & Mastering Flow

Wednesday, March 6th -- Sound Meditation & Mastering Flow


with Philip Attar

Achieving the momentum to create a life of ease and fulfillment requires first diving into your inner stories and past negative patterns. Join Sound Meditation Guide, Mindset Coach, and Reiki Master Philip Attar for a 2-hour workshop to learn how to cultivate a life of flow.

Philip will lead with a 60-minute Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Meditation, guiding you deep into your unconscious to help you release the inner tensions and emotional blockages keeping you from a life of purpose and success.

He will follow with a 60-minute workshop based on his Mastering Flow 10-week mentorship program. You will learn how synchronizing your heart and mind can you help you overcome the negative thought patterns, and blockages holding you back from your greater potential.

This is for you if you are asking yourself:

How do I overcome the exhaustion and lack of fulfillment from feeling blocked in my creative career—fearful I'll be in the same stuck place for years?

How do I empower my life purpose? How can I align my creative and empathic gifts to better serve myself and humanity?

How do I overcome the years of brain fog, insecurities, negative mindset, and overwhelm negatively affecting my confidence, happiness, and success?

How do I overcome feeling emotionally drained by other people’s energies and having it negatively affect my relationships and life?

Where do I begin?

This is an intimate and engaging workshop where Philip will practically coach you through your own personal challenges and growth in a safe and nurturing environment.

Participants are asked to bring a small pillow (travel neck pillow is fine) and an eye mask if they have available.

Exchange: $50 

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E 

Philip Attar is a Brooklyn-based, Reiki Master, Sound Meditation Guide and Mindset Coach. Philip's practice works to synergistically connect your heart and mind. Systematically breaking down the emotional blockages that have been holding you back, to balance your body, mind, and spirit, and cultivate flow.   His methods have holistically helped him overcome his own Graves' Opthalmopathy Autoimmune disease that left him with a weakened immune system and permanently crossed-eyes in 2010. Transforming his own life, now living with renewed purpose, balance, and vitality. Dedicated to helping his clients develop the emotional resilience to conquer their fears and create lives of ease and fulfillment.

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