<Wednesday, March 25th, 2020> ONLINE –– Moon Gathering: New Moon

ONLINE –– Moon Gathering: New Moon

with Peyton Sandler 
Wednesday, March 25th

Exchange: Sliding Scale, $25, $30, $35, $40, or $45 



Join Peyton for a virtual Moon ritual / Moon worship experience.

FIRST, take a deep breath in, and out. Close your eyes, connect with your breath. Let’s find a moment to receive, time for internal stillness. We spend so much of our day to day looking externally, giving and expending energy. This is a moment to receive.

This workshop is about receptivity and reflection, journeying inward and finding time for ourselves; facilitated through sound, the breath, journaling, gentle movement, astrological reflection, and ritual. It is also an opportunity to have fun, make friends and practice your magic!

The ritual will include ...
-An opening meditation, helping us to slow down and become present
-sound healing, distance Reiki and breath awareness exercises to soothe and relax
-astrological insights
-ritual how to’s
-journaling prompts & intention setting
-sharing exercises
-a closing movement meditation and ritual

What you will receive...
-a moment to turn off the noise, go inward, rest and receive (through distance Reiki, sound and the breath)
-an intro to moon ritual - what is a new moon? What is a full moon?
-astrological insights - how does this moon affect your sun sign? What are astrological archetypes?
-How to work with rituals to set intentions & let go
-How to create sacred space in your own home
-Time to connect with the cosmos, with the community and with yourself

Why moon practice?
Moon practice is an incredible tool for self-reflection, a resource that is always there, always reliable. We can utilize the moon's phases and learn from the astrological archetypes to reflect on ourselves outside of ourselves, reminding us that we are connected to a vast universe.

Moon ritual and moon practice help to remind us that we are connected to nature, her cycles, her rhythms. By paralleling the cycles of the moon to our own internal cycles, our own waxing, waning, new and full phases, we are reminded that we are not separate from nature, we too are cyclical.

The full and new moons provide a powerful time to gather in a ritual to reflect, let go and call in anew. The full moon provides a time to reflect on what is no longer serving us and the new moon provides a time to plant seeds for the future.

When we hold space for one another as a group, we can strengthen the power of our intentions and co-create a community of celebrating and supporting one another. This is a collaborative circle that we create together! Each moon gathering is unique based on the phase of the moon and the astrological energy.

What you will need:
Please find a quiet space in your home, with space to lie down during the healing portion and for some gentle movement standing up

-a journal and pen
-a bowl of water (for our ritual potion !)
-something comfortable to sit on / lie down on
- add something sacred or relevant to your altar to charge up under the moon (a photograph, jewelry, object from nature, stones, shells, crystals)
-if you can, create some sacred space - light a candle, burn incense, set the mood !

Moon practice is here to remind us that we are MAGIC. Look above to the cosmos.
...how magic it is...
look below to the earth. Send the earth some magic words that she needs right now. Send yourself some magic words.
...How magic you are...
Sometimes we need to be reminded of this magic. I look forward to celebrating mama moon with you .

Peyton uses her practice of ritual, ceremony and the healing arts as a form of creative expression and as tools for exploring the embodiment of spirit. It is her service to assist others in connecting with their own unique creative energy, their muses and their guides to create and inspire a ripple of creative exploration of spirit and creative service in the world. She explores and plays with spirit through painting, movement, adornment and song and hopes to inspire others to play with spirit in their own unique way. Her teachers and guides are the sun, the water, the fairies, the swan, the turtle, the dandelions, the seashells and the trees. She is here to be of service to nature, the arts and children. Peyton is a Reiki Master and Akashic Records practitioner. She has also studied and trained in Breathwork, Astrology and Shamanic Journeying. She was born and raised in New Orleans and her roots and heritage greatly influence her work as an artist and practitioner.