Wednesday, June 7th -- Saturn: Your Greatest Teacher & Hardest Lesson

with Chase Chualong (visiting from San Francisco) 



This workshop will explore our relationship to our fears, struggles and restrictions: Saturn.

In astrology, Saturn represents our hardest lesson this lifetime. Where Saturn appears in our birth chart explains the area where much attention, focus and responsibility exists.

We will:

-Explore Saturn through astronomy, history, and myth.

-Explore the cycles Saturn and how it relates to cycles of maturity.

-Identify where Saturn is in our individual charts

-Go into detail about the Saturn Return and how it is one of the most prominent and important cycles to understand when you turn 28-30 and 58-60.

This will be an interactive and informative class. Bring your chart, get a free copy on or email for more info.

Exchange: $25 pre-register | $30 day-of 

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Queer astrologer, artist, personal chef, San Francisco native. I teach monthly workshops at three locations in the bay area and am the resident astrologer at the center SF. my focus is the integration of counseling, food, herbalism and flower essences into a holistic practice. I use astrology as a medium to heal others and promote self-compassion. I am part of the queer astrology movement which breaks down patriarchal language that is infused within traditional astrology. it is a powerful tool to harmonize our relationship to language and the archetypal masculine and feminine that exists within everyone. My education focuses on the empowerment of individuals to be able to dissect and interpret their own "charts" (lives) and live by the highest expression of their unique selves through deep awareness.