Wednesday, June 28th -- Healing Our Sexuality

with Connie Dasilva & Marine Selenee

Are you finally ready to release what’s been holding you back from true pleasure?                      

Marine and Connie offer The Healing Our Sexuality workshop in a safe space to tune in with our bodies and reconnect to our natural essence as sexual beings.

Through meditation, movement, drawing and family constellations, they will guide you through a gentle and unique experience.

You’ll leave feeling empowered by your sexuality! 

Exchange : $50 

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Connie Dasilva Confidence and Sexuality Coach Founder of Whole Clarity (Skin Care Products) A wanderer, creator, and purveyor of happiness and love! In 2014 she became a certified health coach and launched Whole Clarity, an organic and natural skincare line and lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn. Her newest project, A Self Love Revolution, is a coaching platform and global initiative to inspire more self love and confidence in women (and men) so we can all be more balanced and happy and change the world for the better.


Marine Sélénée Coach specialized in Family Constellations for private clients and corporation Reiki Practitioner Marine is a coach specialized in Family Constellations for private clients and corporation, and a Reiki practitioner. She is helping you to achieve your highest potential and empowerment, in your personal, and professional lives. Originally from Paris, she has a broad outlook and experience working with people of all backgrounds. She studied Family Constellations at The Bert Hellinger Institute in New York, with world renowned professors Suzi Tucker and Mark Wolynn. Her background in communications and psychology, coupled with her own personal healing journey has led her to develop a unique coaching approach. She will guide you to embrace your true self and feel at peace with success, and fulfillment.