Wednesday, June 19th -- Neuroscience & Meditation: Rewiring Your Brain For Enhanced Healing & Joy

Wednesday, June 19th -- Neuroscience & Meditation: Rewiring Your Brain For Enhanced Healing & Joy

with Ralph De La Rosa


Which are you more likely to do: complain or rejoice? Which one feels more vulnerable: to have something/someone totally precious that you adore, or to have nothing? Which of these are you more likely to attend— laughter yoga, or a trauma-focused breathwork circle? And have you ever noticed that the patterns that drive our lives tend to be more informed by what has hurt us than what has been amazing in our lives?

Our hurts, shames, and frustrations get imprinted on the hippocampus -- the place where baby brain cells are born. But we can rewire that by learning how to internalize positive mental states.

The truth is, most of us need to work on our relationship to good feelings as much as we need to heal our traumas and patterns. This is especially if you are currently doing deep work on yourself, which must be balanced in order to be sustainable.

Not just that, we’ve been sold a commodified image of happiness — one that is hyperbolic, unattainable, and laden with toxic privilege. This is your invitation to being undoing this conditioning and empower yourself to bring more good feelings into your life without having to acquire things (or people).

Join trauma therapist and bestselling author Ralph De La Rosa for an evening of exploring the lighter side of the coin. We’ll dig into some of the neurological research on positive mental states, a breathwork practice for joy and ease, and a three-step meditation for rewiring our brain for a deeper appreciation of the life we are so lucky to have.

Exchange: $45 

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Ralph De La Rosa, LCSW is the author of the #1 bestselling The Monkey Is the Messenger: Meditation & What Your Busy Mind Is Trying to Tell You. He is a trauma-focused psychotherapist in private practice in NYC and seasoned meditation instructor. He began practicing meditation in 1996 and has taught since 2008. He was a student of Amma's (Mata Amritanandamayi) for 16 years and began studying Buddhism in 2005. His work has been featured in The New York Post, CNN, GQ, SELF, Women’s Health, and many other publications and podcasts. He regularly leads immersive healing retreats at Omega Institute, Spirit Rock, and Kripalu. Ralph himself is a depression, PTSD, and addiction survivor. His work is inspired by the tremendous transformation he has experienced through meditation, yoga, and therapy. He is currently traveling the world while he works on his second book.