Wednesday, June 14th -- The Art of Listening : An Evening of Narrative Medicine


with Annie Robinson

"Listening is not a reaction, it is a connection." - Ursula Le Guinn

Listening is an act of love—it is the greatest gift we can give each other. Yet how often do you find yourself only halfheartedly present, distracted, or trying to figure out what you "should" say?

The simple but profound act of being completely present to another person—without judgments or an agenda—takes practice and commitment.

In this 2-hour workshop, Annie will guide you in this practice of presence using meditation and narrative medicine --a deep discussion of a poem, after which we pour ourselves forth onto a blank page, writing to a prompt related to the poem.

You’ll leave with awakened confidence in your listening skills and a clear understanding of how to:

• Tune into your own body, mind, and heart

• Deeply receive what you hear, and mindfully respond

• Develop intimacy through generous listening

• Navigate the challenges that arise in offering complete presence

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Annie Robinson received a Master's degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, and serves as a Wellness Coach and Doula. She blends meditation, mindfulness, movement, and narrative practice to inspire deep reflection and empower people to lead conscious lives. Learn more about Annie here: