Wednesday, June 12th -- Accessing Higher Consciousness

with Elly Molina


You may have heard a lot about third, fourth, and fifth dimensionality in your spiritual circles. If not, this is the place you'll want to be. Come learn about dimensional living and where we are currently at vibrationally as a planet.

Learn about the third dimension, fourth and fifth and how you become the bridge to the 5th dimension and higher consciousness for moving us forward in our human potential and roles on the earth.

Learn about accessing higher consciousness at this crucial time in our lives. Learn how you can be a bridge between the 3rd and 4/5th dimensions.

We will learn about tapping into the part of your brain that allows you to easily remote view(see without eyes). 

We will practice telepathy and discover how developing these skills provide seamless access to 5th dimensionality and what it will take and look like to live from this higher realm.

Exchange: $40

S I G N   U P   O N L I N E

Amazon Best Selling author, the international Concierge Adviser to Former Heads of State, Public Figures, Celebrities, Business Professionals & trusted mentor to seekers, Elly, has literally given thousands of readings in her life. Former University Adjunct, and highly recognized educator, Elly has always been able to utilize her highly developed intuitive abilities in her work with students, parents, and clients & has been educating for four decades. She has appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, discussing intuitive development in children. She is the founder of Psi-Kids, where children and adults learn to develop, trust and utilize their psychic & intuitive abilities. While residing in Washington State Elly cofounded a magic school for children, where children learned to use more of their minds in a very different manner. She is the creator of MindPower Consulting and Psi-Kids. Elly teaches & guides you to work with your own powerful intuitive abilities while introducing you to unrevealed mindpower techniques!