<Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020> ONLINE - Healing Trauma thru Sound for BIPOC

ONLINE - Healing Trauma thru Sound for BIPOC

with Marsha Bentami 
Wednesday, July 22nd
7pm - 9pm EST

Bi-Weekly Online

Suggested Donation $20/$30/$40



Most people experience trauma, but the BIPOC community carry generations of it, so much so, it's in our DNA. This is called Epigenetics. Despite our being a staggeringly resilient people, ‘Self Care’ is vital in transforming our Trauma.

Using Sound as a vehicle, you & I will journey with a relaxed focus into our bodies, through our breath, imagination, & our listening. My voice, along with the soothing, melodic instruments I play, will be your initial guide, & constant companion. Remember, this is your moment of self-directed healing, meaning, there’s no right or wrong with what comes up. Feeling awkward is just as valuable as feeling numb, so please do not place any expectations on your personal experience.

Afterward, we will take some time to talk, exploring whatever each of us feels called to share within the supportive framework of our group healing. My aim in this last segment is to create an informal space with you through open dialogue. Somewhere we can freely express the full gamut of our emotions & experiences if we wish to, or offer silent comradery - there’s no obligation to share. I invite you to build this safe-house with me in these bi-weekly Sound baths + Group Support. This restorative gathering is inclusive of everyone in our diverse BIPOC family, as none of us can fully heal without each other.

“Until the legacy of remembered & reenacted trauma is taken seriously, Black America can not heal”

For me to best serve you, please:

Find a place of privacy
Somewhere comfy to lay down
Use good headphones
Have an eye mask
Keep drinking water nearby
Have a pen & paper (optional)
And whatever else you need to be comfortable

Photo by John K Peterson.

Marsha Bentami is a 200+ hrs trained Sound Meditation Certified Practitioner, & has always had a keen interest in studying how Trauma effects us. Everyone has a unique relationship to how we internalize it, respond to it, express it, as well as utilize what we can learn from our personal & collective, lived experiences with it. Which is why the exploration of Generational Trauma - ‘Epigenetic’s’, is of particular importance & fascination.

Her approach invites the listeners to melt into the melodic textures of sounds created by the instruments she plays, allowing their imagination to shift its focus towards watching (& allowing), their body to relax into the soothing swirl of sounds.

The Sounds she lovingly creates are tailored in the moment, so each Sound bath meets the needs of those present. She has been devoted to creating these self-directed healing practices for a number of years, & welcomes working with groups, as well as individuals. The idea is to remind people of how to implement this type of Self-care for themselves whenever needed. It may not immediately resonate with everyone, but over time she believes it could prove invaluable. Although she is open to working with everyone, her primary focus is in supporting the much needed healing work of her BIPOC community.