<Wednesday, January 1st 2020> Intention Setting for the Entire Family

Intention Setting for the Entire Family

with Lisa, Quinn, Peyton & Hudson
Wednesday, January 1st

Exchange: $25/person or $40/family


Bring your parents, bring your children, bring your soul family or come alone. This workshop is for everyone, children too. When we make intentions together we build our family's strength and direction. This can be birth family or soul family. The energy of the new year is a powerful window of time to call in what you want and need in the new year. Children and babies are invited! This will be a playful, light and meditative ceremony of calling in love, ease, joy, whatever you want more of in the sure to be epic 2020.

Lisa Levine MS LAc is an artist, mama, healer and the founder of Maha Rose Center for Healing.

Quinn Luke is a New York City based producer-musician.

Hudson Luke is their four-year-old son.

Peyton Sandler is a magical fairy and healer.