Wednesday, February 13th --  7 Keys to Invoke The Goddess of Love Within

Wednesday, February 13th -- 7 Keys to Invoke The Goddess of Love Within

with Veronica Varlow


Magnetize Your Love Vibes!

Whether you are single or coupled, Veronica’s love spell secrets will open the doors for a smoking hot life of LOVE.

Are you looking for more passion, vibrance and confidence in your world of love?

Are you looking to magnetize the right one for you, or give a juicy boost to your current love relationship?

Put yourself under your own spell and watch others follow suit!

This workshop will help you discover your distinctive allure and build your confidence to become irresistible.  Veronica will be sharing unique ways to magnetize yourself and project your inner beauty.

Through storytelling, ritual and ancient techniques, Veronica will guide you to uncover and fully access the full fantasy of YOU.

* Learn how to tap into your sensuality and build your seduction confidence.

* Create “mood” wherever you go.

* Mesmerize everyone the moment you walk into a room.

* Participate in a ritual passed down from Veronica's Grandma Helen that will bring deep connection and love into your world.

* Boost your outer appearance with inner beauty.

* How to stand out in a crowd and leave a lasting impression.

* Enhance your personal magnetism by uncovering your unique sensuality story.

* Weave a spell of seduction on yourself and everyone around you!

You will leave this workshop with a new way of magnetizing your love vibes with practical everyday tools you can use immediately. 


Exchange: $65

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Veronica Varlow charms audiences worldwide – in person, on the internet, and on television with her timeless performances and written words.  She has brought the most sophisticated audiences to their knees with her sultry singing, fire dancing, belly dancing and slow burn burlesque.  Her blog, Danger Diary, has a dedicated international following.   She is a Confidence and Sensuality Coach, who has appeared on The Tonight Show, Playboy, and MTV aired in 150 countries around the world. 


 The remarkable Veronica Varlow seizes life with both hands and bends it to her will. She expresses herself like nobody else you'll ever meet. Learn from her.”New York Times Best Selling Author, Neil Gaiman

A Modern Day Marlene Dietrich.”CBS News

 The Queen of Seduction.”New York Post

She’s hypnotizing, absolutely mesmerizing.” The Tonight Show 

Stunning and Seductive.” The Los Angeles Times

A siren so alluring you simply can’t resist her, even when you know you’re headed straight for hell (or jail).” The Gothamist