<Wednesday, December 11th> 2020: End of Decade Kundalini Cord Cutting Ritual

2020: End of Decade Kundalini Cord Cutting Ritual

with The Brujas of Brooklyn
Wednesday, December 11th

Exchange: $44



Join the Brujas of Brooklyn as they host their final Kundalini Cord Cutting Ritual of the decade. In addition to the closing of a decade, this ritual will honor the energies of the Winter Solstice or Yule (12/21). Yule is the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere; Yule’s lessons teach us to honor the value in darkness. This “2020 Cord Cutting Ritual” will create a safe container in which we shed light on the darkness. These are the shadow aspects that may be holding us back from our full potential. Self-doubt, self-sabotage, rage and shame are some of the many ways that shadow aspects manifest in our lives. Kundalini yoga techniques will then be used to help us clear these shadows from within our aura. Thus giving us a sharper sense of focus and purpose for 2020. We about that 2020 vision!

This is a great end-of-year celebration for all. Prepare to sweat and purge. You are worthy.



Brujas of Brooklyn are Afro-Dominican identical twins, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. They believe in the power of Spirit to cast spells that aid in collective healing. Their craft is specifically dedicated to womb-healing; they do so by creating safe spaces for women to share, grow and release generations of pent up trauma. Brujas of Brooklyn do more than help women heal from a heartbreak or financial distress. We are healing generational traumas of gendered racism, which women of color often hold in our wombs or yonis. They are Brujas, Witches, practical magic Makers. The work that they do is inspired by the 7th generation principle among Native Americans in the United States: the healing that takes place today will help to heal 7 generations before us and 7 generations after us. This is their wish.