Wednesday, August 2nd -- Breathwork & Creativity


with Eliza Kane

Creativity isn’t only for the select deemed creatives. Creativity is a relationship that can be created, developed, heightened.

Breathwork is an active mediation that slows the busy mind and connects us to our heart, the seat of inspiration. When the brain has a chance to reboot, clarity, alertness and presence result. From this space new possibilities come forward and creativity is enhanced.

Throughout the workshop, the relationship with creativity will be discussed along with ways to deepen your relationship with creativity and your creative expression.

This workshop is for the novice or the pro and is great for any type of creators; writers, songwriters, entrepreneurs, artists, designers…

No experience is needed. Environment is supportive and playful.

Exchange: $44

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A writer. A teacher of breathwork and creativity. A healer. A rebel. I believe artists are modern day rebels. They stretch the confines and limits of traditional society. They invite us to look, think, and be beyond what meets the eye. They take their story and their unique vision and CREATE. This interests me. This inspires me. Through breathwork and writing I help people connect to the artist within, to their creativity, which sparks their life force. The work I share, while fun, will push your capacity for growth and take you to a new level of awareness. In this awareness, freedom is found in living from the heart.