Wednesday, August 23rd -- Empath Survival Guide

Wednesday, August 23rd -- Empath Survival Guide


with Anna Toonk 

Do you hop on the subway and immediately know who's having a rough morning? Are you very sensitive to the emotions of the people around you and affected by them? You are probably an empath, or maybe just a highly sensitive person.

Empaths, highly intuitive and highly sensitive people, are very susceptible to the energies of others because they can sense and feel them. This ability can be overwhelming and lead us to shutting ourselves down versus embracing this gift. It can also be maddening, we don't always want to take on the feelings of others and want to have our own agency!

In this workshop, we will discuss the various energy bodies, and the techniques you can employ for psychic protection. We will also do some exercises illuminating the power of your own energy, allowing you to utilize these gifts and feel less burdened by them. We'll close class with a meditation for you to gain clarity on how these gifts can serve you in your life, to leave you feeling protected and empowered.

No more rough commutes and lots more energetic freedom ahead!

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Anna is a psychic intuitive reader who often uses cards, but is a seeress and knower. She reads tarot, offers reiki, and intuitively channels guidance and delivers this in a loving but grounded manner. When she is not reading she loves to teach workshops making mystical practices available to everyone. She thrives on helping people get where they want to go in their life, and empowering them to make their most authentic decisions. She not only loves this work but has extensive training in it. She completed a one on one 12 week Soul Mastery Intensive Training with the wildly talented Lindsay Mack. Attended Delphi University of Spiritual Studies, completing their In-Depth Channeling program, and is a Usui Reiki Master. Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairsentience, and mediumship. aim to make ancient practices more accessible to people, and explore how they can be used in our modern lives.