Wednesday, August 16th -- Tea & Empathy: An Intro to Nonviolent Communication


with Lyndsey Harrington 

We invite you to sip a warm bowl of tea with us as we spend an evening exploring the introductory concepts of Nonviolent Communication, a practice originated by Marshall Rosenberg in the late 20th century. Nonviolent Communication (or NVC, as it’s commonly referred to), offers the notion that, deep down, all humans share the same universal needs, and if we can learn to connect to those needs within ourselves and each other, resolving conflict becomes much easier. Even beyond our interpersonal relationships, Nonviolent Communication can help us walk in compassion and understanding with our every step, giving us the tools to transform our judgments and our separating beliefs so that we can live a more connected, beautiful life.

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Lyndsey Harrington insists her life was made ten times more wonderful through Nonviolent Communication. Her interest in it was born out of an earlier curiosity: is it possible to feel compassion toward anyone at anytime? How can I integrate the feelings of universality and connection that I feel in my meditation practice into my day-to-day life? When she came across Marshall Rosenberg's book

"Nonviolent Communication" in 2012, she quickly discovered that it could help her live the kind of life she wanted to be living and she has been an enthusiastic, dedicated student of the practice ever since. For the past three years, Lyndsey has been training at the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication and, with joy, she recently joined their team of facilitators. She has been a part of the Maha Rose family in a variety of embodiments: Reiki teacher, Fairy School co-founder, teacher of spellcrafting, and more. This is her first time sharing Nonviolent Communication with the Maha Rose community and she couldn't be more thrilled about it.