Wednesday, April 24th -- Embodiment, Boundaries, & Resiliency

Wednesday, April 24th -- Embodiment, Boundaries, & Resiliency

with Graham Wesley


Everyone experiences sensitivity. It shows up in the stressors, burdens, and challenges that weigh heavily on heart-centered spirits and build up over time. This gathering is about finding thoughtful connection to embodied wisdom within by growing conscious awareness of the integration of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. In understanding the elements present in this humxn form and how they can be called upon to support in moments of challenge or dis-ease, life becomes more possible, more free, and more creative.

We are earth medicine, and so much of what we seek for healing can be found within. An embodied experience — tapping into the medicine of your body, the integrity of the bones, the groundedness of the fluids, and the clarity of the cells — offers real, practical examples of how to navigate life’s challenges with greater perspective and resource and feel true ease and vitality.

Embodiment can widen the scope of healing work. This conscious integration provides new and potent resources for navigating the heaviness, large or small, sustaining integrity and boundaries even in in difficult moments. This is about living into your authentic brilliance. This medicine is an extraordinary opportunity for people who experience sensitivity to the world, who work with depression or anxiety, who support others through healing arts, teaching, social work, and other generous connections, and for anyone seeking greater understanding of your own wholeness.

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Earth medicine practitioner and embodiment educator, Graham offers consultations, classes, and courses to support truly whole and integrative well being. Her work is inspired by a deep relationship with earth and earthly companions and a commitment to full and vital living through these connections. She’s an integrative practitioner, offering experience as a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, stone medicine practitioner influenced deeply by Daoist stone traditions, and holistic healing and embodiment educator. She’s studied formally with teachers including Jeffrey Yuen, Jessica Godino, Sarah Thomas, and CoreyPine Shane and investigated complementary practices including ecology, energy work, subtle bodywork, and meditation. Graham integrates these disciplines with grounded, intuitive relationship with the earth and earth allies to offer experiences that widen perspective while sustaining deep support along the healing journey. She is passionate about teaching, and intends with every opportunity to create a welcoming, open-minded, and heart-centered environment for going deep and opening into the wisdom of connection. Find more about Graham and dwelling, an earth medicine school based in Asheville, NC, at and follow her musings and medicinal offerings via @root_deep.