Wednesday, April 12th -- Crystal Talisman Making & Divination


with Jessica Marie Brown

In this class we will be making a talisman to be worn and used as a pendulum for divination.

Divining is done in a myriad of ways and using a pendulum is an easy tool to use for more information on your current situation and the movement of energy.

We will program the chosen crystal with the essence of what it is being asked of it with a brief meditation. You may bring a crystal with you, purchase one at Maha Rose or from me. I recommend one about 1.5-3 inches in length, a crystal point works best.

Jessica has been working with the mineral kingdom for 6 years now. She trusts in the knowledge that these beings hold and how to use it. She has recently been certified as a Reiki practitioner via Maha Rose.  

She makes crystal jewelry under the name Lonely Moonchild.

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Jessica has been making pieces since 2010 under the name Lonely Moonchild. She has a strong bond with the mineral kingdom and relishes in opening it to others.