<Wed Apr 1st-June 10th> Crystal Mentorship

Crystal Mentorship

with Sadie Kadlec

Beginning April 1st for 7 weeks


Drop-Ins welcome through Class #3

April 1st

April 15th

April 29th

May 13th

May 27th

June 10th

June 24th

Exchange: $555 | $85 drop-in

*for payment plans, please inquire at info@maharose.com*


Drawn to the sparkly, mystical nature of crystals? Looking to strengthen your connection and gain practical knowledge on how to implement crystals into your practice? Feeling called to connect with the healer inside you ready to bloom?

Whether you’re new to crystals or already so familiar you barely have room for one more beautiful specimen in your home, this mentorship will build on your current experience to facilitate a deeper respect and understanding of the mineral kingdom and help you develop a practice for support and healing of yourself and others.

Using the chakras, meridian lines, and astrology as the basis for exploring different minerals and their properties, you will learn crystal healing techniques and tools with opportunities for practical application while building an extensive crystal repertoire. We will discuss our unique skills, gifts, and challenges as well as review self-care, daily ritual, and cultivation of healthy practitioner boundaries and spiritual practice. You will finish the mentorship full of crystal knowledge and ready to embrace the healer you are!

If you are concerned about time commitment please reach out to discuss options and learn more about course details. All levels are welcome.

Week 1 - Introduction 
Week 2 - Crown and Root Chakra Stone, Properties and uses of Crystal Shapes
Week 3 - Third Eye and Sacral Chakra Stones, Astrological Properties of Crystals
Week 4 - Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra Stones, Crystal Readings 
Week 5 - Heart Chakra Stones, Crystal Grids
Week 6 - All Chakra Stones, Incorporating Crystals into different modalities
Week 7 - Review and Synthesis of previous weeks courses, Envisioning Crystal Energy

Affectionately known as Maha Rose’s own ‘lil Tangerine Quartz’, Sadie’s passion for crystals was ignited after spending the last year researching the magical properties of these earthly gifts and exploring the ways they can enhance our lives.She is an intuitive healer, collage artist, and child mentor based in New York City who embraces and supports others with her joyful heart and sincere listening ear to facilitate empowered healing, self-love, and awareness. Ever a believer in the power of touch, she was immediately drawn to the gentleness of Reiki. Following her Reiki level 1 & 2 attunements with Erika Spring through Maha Rose, she began a mentorship with Padma Gonzales, wherein she deepened and expanded her practice to include art, sound, and of course crystals! Look for her upcoming Crystal School offerings at Maha Rose! More