Tuesdays, January-April - Winter Fairy School

Tuesdays, January-April - Winter Fairy School

The Fairy Week- Winter 2019

11 week series - Tuesdays 3:30pm-5:30pm

Every Tuesday, January 6th until March 26th (drop ins welcome!)

(No class February 19th) 

Children are magical! Fairy School is here to nurture that magic and to give it an even bigger place in our children's lives.

Fairies are Beings that protect the earth; its plants, its animals, and its people. Fairies are a symbol of joy. They are blissful, spontaneous Beings who love to sing and dance and play. Through connecting with the fairy realm, we awaken and celebrate our own playful spirits. Magic and joy re-emerge in our lives.

In this spirit, Fairy School was born. As healing arts practitioners, our intention is to hold a space for children to play and to explore their dreams, creativity, and connection to realms beyond the physical. Fairy School is open to boys and girls, fairies, elves and leprechauns between the ages of 4-8. Through a curriculum of healing arts, creative play, and studies in ecological awareness, we aim to fill in the gaps left by contemporary schooling and modern living with tools for the imagination.

A typical day at Fairy School includes fairy-inspired crafts + games, dress-up, storytelling, breathing exercises + yoga, dancing, oracle readings, healing practice with crystals and singing bowls, guided meditation, and free play. Healthy, organic snacks are provided for nourishment.

For children ages 4-8

email: fairyschoolnyc@gmail.com

website: fairy.school

instagram: @fairyschoolnyc

Exchange: $440 for 11weeks full series | $45 drop in (includes snack fee)



Peyton uses her practice of ritual, ceremony and the healing arts as a form of creative expression and as tools for exploring the embodiment of spirit. It is her service to assist others in connecting with their own unique creative energy, their muses and their guides to create and inspire a ripple of creative exploration of spirit and creative service in the world. 
She explores and plays with spirit through painting, movement, adornment and song and hopes to inspire others to play with spirit in their own unique way. Her teachers and guides are the sun, the water, the fairies, the swan, the turtle, the dandelions, the seashells and the trees. She is here to be of service to nature, the arts and children. Peyton is a Reiki Master and Akashic Records practitioner who leads workshops, classes and an after school program in Brooklyn. She has also studied and trained in Breathwork, Astrology, Children's Yoga and Shamanic Journeying. She was born and raised in New Orleans and her roots and heritage greatly influence her work as an artist and practitioner.


Jósa Goodlife is a native Icelandic fairy. As a Brooklyn based healer, artist and a Yoga teacher she deeply connects with children, animals and fairies in every age. Jósa has worked with children as long as she remembers through diverse childcare jobs and in schools, teaching design/sewing/creative work and Yoga. For over a decade she lived in Copenhagen, Denmark - which typically is known for being “the city of fairies”. Deeply inspired by the magic of Nordic mythology and fairy tales, woven together with the wisdom of Yoga, Jósa’s work with children is all about limitless creativity and the curiousity for listening a bit more deeply to the calm whispers of the earth. Jósa sees herself as a “forever young spirit” and adores the teachings and the soul lessons she receives from kids each time. “Being around children is such a gift of relief from the serious mind-controlled world out there…”