<Tuesdays in January> Female Sexual Empowerment: Four Evenings to Ignite the Sacred Magic of the Female Genital Anatomy and the Power of Pleasure

Female Sexual Empowerment: Four Evenings to Ignite the Sacred Magic of the Female Genital Anatomy and the Power of Pleasure

Tuesdays in January

EXCHANGE: $60 PER CLASS / $200 For the Series


Session 1- Mapping the Female Genitalia and Pelvic Floor
When we learn the anatomy of the female genitalia in depth we decolonize our sexuality from the patriarchal labels of gynecology and high school sex ed. These days there is so much information available about anything and everything. Here we will sit in Circle, practice Embodiment and learn our anatomy as a Sacred Study of the Power and capacity of our anatomy to live in pleasure. We will map our anatomy with breath and movement. Our genitalia is interconnected with the pelvic floor muscles which we will map experientially. Just the other day I received an email from an adult sex education organization that seriously knows their stuff and they left out a few important anatomical pieces!! Just understanding the anatomy changes everything –in terms of honoring our bodies, hearing our bodies, ourselves, and increasing our pleasure potential. We study all this in the historical context of Ritual that Honors and Revers Female Genitalia and how to live that principal in our lives and our sexual relations with ourselves and others.

Session 2- Breath and Movement to Enhance Pleasure Capacity
In the second class we continue to decolonize our pleasure and find the seat of pleasure in ourselves, that through awareness, embodiment, breath and movement we inhabit and ignite our pleasure from within. With the power of the genital map in mind, we move in ways which open, and help us to hear the Pelvic Bowl and understand the balance of hypo and hyper tension in the pelvic floor muscles. Marisa has studied Pelvic Floor Yoga with some of the best teachers in the field and worked with women for almost two decades helping heal gynecological and pelvic issues that were a mystery to Western Medicine.

Session 3- Breathwork for Female Sexual Empowerment
The third session is a Breathwork class for healing sexual trauma. It is said we carry the trauma of the generations before us. Equally we carry their wisdom. We heal as a community for our time on earth now and as individuals. We breath a strong three part breath meditation that releases stuck energy in the body through catharsis and expands our capacity to be present in the hear and now. In this Breathwork we embody our yes and our no, our consent and our limits. We Breath to release the pain of when we could not hear our yes and no and when our yes and our no was not heard or respected.

Session 4- Expanding Pleasure with Another-Sex and Communication
This session continues to explore our embodied yes and no. We listen to our wants, needs, our limits and our consent. We learn to hear and feel our internal signals and how to communicate them. We explore how expanding pleasure goes way beyond genital touch to tuning in to the touch we want in the here and now, we talk about levels of touch, nurturing, therapeutic, sensual and sexual, listening again to our needs and wants on these levels.

The series consists of four sessions. Each one stands on it’s own but it is highly suggested you commit to the full series for maximum effect. Marisa is available for private sessions to make up for anyone who can not make a session but would like to learn the work from that session.

This class is for any being has female genitalia. Cis women, femme, and non-binary.


Marisa Sullivan is a Modern Day Mystic. She is a Soccer Mom Tantrika. A Pleasure Witch. She teaches Women and Couples Sexual Empowerment- Sacred Sexuality -how to maximize the magic and medicine of sexual juiciness, how to be authentic in our sexual expression, inhabiting our yes and no and understanding the power of pleasure. She shares her awe and respect of the wisdom of our anatomy, especially the female genital and pelvic floor anatomy and their entwinement . She helps women balance their menstrual cycles, harness their fertility, birth, mother, partner, build communities, vision and create their lives. She is a mind/body/life journey healer using yoga, Breath, meditation, Reiki, ritual, Yoni steaming, joy, laughter, Breathwork, creative play and sexual education. She sees clients privately in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Virtually. She teaches workshops and retreats worldwide. In addition to her private practice she teaches yoga and meditation to cancer patients at NYU Hospital, to dementia patients in nursing homes, and mentally ill formerly homeless in group homes, bringing joy, Pleasure and embodiment to populations of who live with mental and physical pain. Certifications include Jivamukti, Sivananda, Pelvic Floor Yoga, prenatal, Mommy and Baby Yoga, yoga for children, Reiki Masters, and a Masters in Theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use. She believes Love is a super power we can all harness to effect change in our lives and world.