<Tuesdays and Fridays in June 2020> ONLINE -  Sexual Empowerment in Quarantine for Singles

ONLINE - Sexual Empowerment in Quarantine for Singles


Tuesdays, June 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd. 2PM-4PM and
Fridays, June 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. 11AM-11:30AM
Private Sessions to be scheduled





A month long support and learning about the health and well being of our sexual energy, our sexual health, how it relates to the pelvic floor, hips, and our need for touch and connection. We will learn tools and discuss how to care for ourselves in quarantine at a time when many of us are living what we might call--touch deprived lives, not only sexually but all levels of touch. -- And on top of that the future is in complete and total question. So we are living in a state of touch deprivation for who knows how long.....and that is hard for many of us. This coaching month is a support system and container for what arises in this state and how we can love ourselves and be super juicy despite all that is lacking and stripped away.

This coaching and support program is geared towards all genders, cis, binary and non binary, who are without partners in quarantine but is also open to coupled individuals who are separated from their partners in quarantine.

The program consists of four once a week two hour sessions where we learn and practice sexual health care, breath, yoga, movement and imagery to care for our sexual organs, our pelvic floor and our sexual energy as it relates to our whole being. Our sexual organs and energy are intricately connected to all of ourselves, our creativity, our joy and pleasure and our need and desire for connection. Human touch is a need, as real and as important to our health as water, food and air. In these sessions we will journal and dialogue with our bodies and one another about how to best cope with the absence of touch in quarantine and how that connects and is related and not related to our sexual energy. Topics will include--spicing up self loving, self loving as a meditation, self loving as an act of self love and self care, self loving for lubrication and pelvic health, vaginal steaming (and steaming for male genital bodies!!), self massage, breathing into the pelvic bowl, and sharing touch virtually and through movement.

The sessions will be two hours on Tuesdays 2-4. There will be a 30 minute coaching call Friday mornings at 11 that will consist of a meditation and a paired sharing on the topics of the week.

At this point in the Pandemic, all of us are living in a communal trauma, so for many of us our old traumas are surfacing to be faced again. It is a time when we need more self care than ever. As part of this program each individual will also schedule and receive a private session with Marisa of Shamanic Reiki on the pelvic organs, sexual energy, and all related topics.

The price for the program includes the four two hour sessions, the four check in meditation calls and the private session.

There are three pay by the heart sessions available for anyone affected financially. Please write to Maha to inquire.

Bring a pen and notebook. Have yoga blocks, and yoga blankets, or pillows of various sizes available.


Here is an article Marisa wrote about self loving, a topic related to this course.


Marisa Sullivan is a Modern Day Mystic. She is a Soccer Mom Tantrika. A Pleasure Witch. She teaches Women and Couples Sexual Empowerment- Sacred Sexuality -how to maximize the magic and medicine of sexual juiciness, how to be authentic in our sexual expression, inhabiting our yes and no and understanding the power of pleasure. She shares her awe and respect of the wisdom of our anatomy, especially the female genital and pelvic floor anatomy and their entwinement . She helps women balance their menstrual cycles, harness their fertility, birth, mother, partner, build communities, vision and create their lives. She is a mind/body/life journey healer using yoga, Breath, meditation, Reiki, ritual, Yoni steaming, joy, laughter, Breathwork, creative play and sexual education. She sees clients privately in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Virtually. She teaches workshops and retreats worldwide. In addition to her private practice she teaches yoga and meditation to cancer patients at NYU Hospital, to dementia patients in nursing homes, and mentally ill formerly homeless in group homes, bringing joy, Pleasure and embodiment to populations of who live with mental and physical pain. Certifications include Jivamukti, Sivananda, Pelvic Floor Yoga, prenatal, Mommy and Baby Yoga, yoga for children, Reiki Masters, and a Masters in Theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use. She believes Love is a super power we can all harness to effect change in our lives and world.