<Tuesday, September 1st, 2020>  ONLINE – Weaving Into the Web + Casting Visions

ONLINE – Weaving Into the Web + Casting Visions

with Adrienne Fisher
Tuesday, September 1st





One of the greatest gifts my teacher taught me was if you are a master of your nervous system, you can manifest anything into being. It is from this place that we can powerfully + clearly cast visions and create true magic. Together we will gather on the eve of the Full Moon to sit in a Plant Spirit Ally Tea Ceremony with two plant allies that calm the nervous system, anchor us into the earth, fine-tune our third eye to cast visions, and weave us into the Great Web of all that is. It is from here where we can set our intentions from a place of impeccable clarity and inner knowing. You will be mailed the two plants with instructions on how to brew your tea for our ceremony. In the class, we will sit together and drink in our plants as I guide you in meditation. We will commune with the plants' spirits and receive messages + guidance from the core of our inner waters. We will journal and share our visions to cast them out into being.

The two plants will be chosen intuitively and sent to you without sharing their names first - we will sit together to drink without knowing who the plants are so we can approach them with curiosity and tune into our intuition over the mind.
The plants are always gentle + safe to consume but may be contraindicated for pregnancy. If you are pregnant please reach out after you sign up & I will send you a special set of plants that will be safe for you.

Please create sacred space in whatever way that means for you for our ceremony.

Have with you:

Sacred smoke/incense, candle(s), objects representing the elements of Earth (stones, flowers), Air (feather, incense), Fire (candle, something yellow), and Water (shell, bowl of water)
Journal + Pen
Your two teas strained separately (instructions will be in your package)


Adrienne is a daughter of the plants and messenger of the Earth. With a butterfly spirit, she moves nomadically about; living on the road, learning, sharing, & growing with the ways of the land. She grew up in a small river town in Florida where she was raised by the sun, trucked barefoot in the mud collecting treasures at low tide and journeyed through the woods talking with the Pine Trees. Adrienne is trained in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, Sacred Plant Medicine, Holistic Healing, & Traditional Herbalism. She creates each of her offerings through meditations with the plants & from personal healing experiences with them, which she then humbly shares with community. Adrienne teaches Earth Medicine workshops + holds ceremonies with the intention to help others deepen their connection with themselves + with the Earth through the wisdom + magic of the plants.