Tuesday, October 24th -- Family Constellations Workshop

with Marine Selenee

An Awakening to Break Free of Your Energetic Lineage

Have you ever felt lost, empty or depressed? And even though you are doing your best to heal this discomfort or negative and toxic behaviors, you keep catching yourself repeating the same pattern and story line, over and over? 

Healing means to become our true self. In order to heal, it is necessary to know why. What is your goal? What do you want? If you cannot give yourself a goal or achieve it, it may be because your family story holds you back in your past. 

This workshop offers you the opportunity to uncover, dissolve and understand the blockages affecting your love relationships, career, finances and health. 

Through drawing your family tree, an aspect of Family Constellations, you will find your place and become aware of any patterns that have been repeating themselves generation after generation. 

We cannot change our parents or our family, but we can change our perception around it. We can decide to move on, we can decide to stop focusing and obsessing over our past, constantly thinking about what they should have done better or differently. They did the best they could with their own stories. 

By acknowledging and accepting your family as they are, it will be life-changing. You will feel grounded, capable and at peace with who you are today and your past story. 

It will restore the power into your hands, with a strong base and a deep love for your life and yourself. 

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I want to thank you again for leading a wonderful Family Constellations workshop...  It was really life changing and very intense!  Thank you thank you thank you! - Sonia 

"I had the pleasure of taking a Family Constellations workshop with Marine several months ago, and it was truly amazing.  Marine opened the workshop with a guided meditation that was by-far the most intense guided meditation that I've ever experienced.  The workshop really allowed me to clearly understand my family dynamic, and I was able to see the origins of so many issues and problems.  As we worked through my personal family constellation, I also saw where the change needed to begin in order to improve my own existence.  My perspective began to change as well.
Over the course of the following weeks and months, I was amazed to find how my ideals were continually evolving.  The negative patterns began to deteriorate and I felt re-energized in the most incredible way.
I highly recommend Marine Selenee's  Family Constellations Therapy to anyone who is looking to change patterns and create a new energy in his or her life! "

Marine Sélénée Coach specialized in Family Constellations for private clients and corporation Reiki Practitioner www.marineselenee.com Marine is a coach specialized in Family Constellations for private clients and corporation, and a Reiki practitioner. She is helping you to achieve your highest potential and empowerment, in your personal, and professional lives. Originally from Paris, she has a broad outlook and experience working with people of all backgrounds. She studied Family Constellations at The Bert Hellinger Institute in New York, with world renowned professors Suzi Tucker and Mark Wolynn. Her background in communications and psychology, coupled with her own personal healing journey has led her to develop a unique coaching approach. She will guide you to embrace your true self and feel at peace with success, and fulfillment.