Tuesday, November 20th -- Align Breathwork : Holiday Healing

With Aimée Derbes


Breathwork is an active meditation using a specific 2-part breathing pattern to connect to your body and vitality, open up space for stagnant old energy and emotions to flow freely, and expand your heart. Most (more like, all) of us are carrying around pain, fear, trauma, and outdated beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, which all live tucked away in our cells. Breathwork is a simple tool that supports us in finally shedding those heavyweights.

At this Thanksgiving week breathwork group, let’s lay the groundwork to navigate the holiday season with more ease than ever before. Together, we will feel into the places within us that may need some extra support and nurturing as we head into the holidays. Using the breath to center and ground, we will clear all that’s in the way of us showing up for ourselves and others with patience, love, and compassion, no matter what. Breathwork groups are mutually supportive celebrations, so come prepared to feel, connect, witness and be witnessed, shed some emotional energy, and, mostly, be more yourself than ever before.

Please wear clothes that are comfortable for you to lie down in, and bring an eye pillow or cover if you like!

Exchange: $40


Dr. Aimée Derbes, DACM, LAc is here to help people reconnect with their innate vibrancy and wholeness, so they can navigate being human with more ease. Aimée’s healing arts practice, Align Acupuncture, is a refuge for people who are ready to be deeply supported as they let go of living in chronic stress, refill their wells, and heal in a sustainable, lasting way. She offers acupuncture, Healing Touch, and breathwork sessions and groups in NYC, and works with people all over the country through virtual breathwork and Healing Touch sessions and online groups.