Tuesday, November 19th – Exercises in Consciousness Meditation with Gwen Feisst

Tuesday Night 11/19 7-9pm at Maha Rose

Join us for Guided Light Work Meditations and Dialogue with the grounded yet cosmic Gwen Feisst from New Mexico.

We are living in a time of new things. We need to discover new ways of doing things, releasing old patterns so we have space and strength to open up to the new.

This work is for people who have already do other healing and body work (especially practitioners) who need to find a way to stay in their energy and nourish themselves.

This work is also powerful for those whose lives are changing and need support in connecting to the higher wisdom within themselves. There are many answers, but which one is your answer? The energy in the world today is asking us to step into what is truly ours-- to become our selves and do what is really important to us.

The "Exercises in Consciousness" are meditative inquiries into the body, spirit and collective for information, and then direct color and light energy to bring balance and vibrancy.

In this work we also connect to our Higher Self– that divine voice inside of us that can answer all of our questions and give us all the love we need.

We release fear, anger, and whatever else hinders us from being who we truly are. We activate the wonderful potential with which we came into this lifetime and we use it to choose how we want to respond to the situations in our life. We center ourselves in meditation and tap into the energy of light to support whatever situation on the planet needs our attention right now.

It's a powerful and transformational tool and we are so excited to have Gwen Feisst back at Maha Rose. Individuals will receive personal attention from Gwen to guide them in answering their questions from within.



Bio: Gwen Feisst is a Minister at the Sanctuary of Light in Galisteo, New Mexico. Her work began in her native Germany studying spiritual psychology and art therapy at Karlfried Graf Durckheims Initiatische Therapy.
She is also a volunteer firefighter in Galisteo, a job that reveals her work to overcome fear, and bring healing to even the most dramatic situations.

She has been nourished by many teachers in different traditions, including Zen Buddhism and Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and the International Sufi Order.

In Chris Griscom and the Light Institute she found a combination of her therapeutic and spiritual paths, and the charge to follow the wisdom of her Higher Self. She learned tools for developing consciousness and healing at the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness that she continues to use today in her work with groups and individuals.