<Tuesday, November 12th> Energetic Feng Shui — Making Your Spaces Sacred

Energetic Feng Shui — Making Your Spaces Sacred

with William Brisson
Tuesday, November 12th



Whether your personal field, or the energetic field of your home or business spaces are clear or not, can very much determine the quality of your life, and how much you are able to experience health, wealth, peace, success, happy loving relationships and harmony.

In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the energy of spaces as well as the 'beings' of your business, relationships, etc that reside within your spaces, and what can be done to clear and set these energy fields through love and intention to more fully manifest all you desire. You will receive tools you can immediately use to more fully manifest sacredness in all your environments.

William Brisson is a master healer and feng shui expert and has practiced Energetic Feng Shui for 18 years. He knows from experience that our living and work spaces can either support us, or act as a hindrance based on how healthy they are energetically, and he is passionate for families, children and businesses to grow in healthy, clear environments, to flourish, be happy, and develop their gifts. William has cleared and set the fields in many commercial and residential spaces in New York City and abroad, and has helped many individuals, families and businesses bring positive shifts resulting in greater fruitfulness, peace, growth and financial prosperity. William was one of Maha Rose’s early practitioners and is glad to visit the space and New York regularly. Maha Rose founder Lisa Levine often shares how William’s work has been powerfully transformative personally, and for the space of Maha Rose collectively.   William is offering Personal Clearing & Integration sessions at Maha Rose and Energetic Feng Shui for your home or business at your location. He is happy to answer inquiries of what Energetic Feng Shui can do to cleanse and reset the energy of your home or business. (Please contact him directly on his website email for this service.)  In addition to his work with Feng Shui, William was a lead facilitator, area coordinator, and instructor for a training called The Way of the Heart for 12 years. For more about William's work visit spiritsillumination.com