Tuesday, May 26th -- Entering the Dream Realm

Tuesday, May 26th -- Entering the Dream Realm


with Kezia Kamenetz

Have you ever felt intrigued by your dreams? It's easier than you might think to unlock the healing potential of your nightly missives from the underworld. This workshop will demonstrate that with a little orientation, anyone can develop a powerful connection to their dream realm--a connection that can transform and enliven your life in fundamental ways. We'll take a close look at how dreams can pinpoint the emotional patterns that aren't serving you and heal your relationship to yourself and others. This will be a hands-on, experiential workshop that will feature meditations, partner activities, and practical exercises. Participants will receive everything they need--including written materials--to begin their personal dream journey!

It's certainly not required (beginner dreamers welcomed), participants are welcome to bring a dream to the workshop. 
$25 pre-register | $30 day of

Kezia Kamenetz is a dreamworker based in New Orleans, LA that has been faithfully studying her dreams and facilitating dreamwork with other people for over 6 years. She is an Archetypal Dreamwork practitioner and has taught workshops and led retreats in places like Santa Cruz, San Francisco, New Mexico, and the Bahamas. She recently published a short introduction to her work called Laws of the Dream Realm which you can find at her site, www.DreamItOut.com.