Tuesday, May 23rd — EATshop : A Lunchtime Eating Meditation

Tuesday, May 23rd — EATshop : A Lunchtime Eating Meditation

12:30pm - 1:30pm

with Jaquy Yngvason


A weekly eating meditation

Start your workday lunch quietly, with us, every month. Walk away from the stress at work and take time to experience your lunch in a new way allowing you to come back feeling powerful, rejuvenated and excited to take on your day - week ahead!

Food is the vessel that is consumed 3x a day unconsciously while it is one of the most intimate things we can do, affecting everything from our energy, focus, digestion and more.  

With this EVCCO method developed by Jaquy Yngvason, within moments you will become present by focusing on your breath. Utilizing this meditative eating tool, you will feel an increase in energy, reduce doubt, insecurities and anxiety while bringing your attention to a state of relaxation. This practice allows you to go back into your day with joy and the serenity of indulging in the simplicity of reconnecting to yourself. 

NOTE** you bring your own lunch, this is not about what you eat specifically but more so how you eat it.
$15-$25 Sliding Scale Donation 

Jaquy Yngvason is a half Iceland, half Ecuadorean, Energy Healer and Holistic Wellness coach with Shamanic ties deeply rooted in her bloodline. She works with clients all around the world and specializes in a unique eating practice that transforms the mind, spirit, and body so that it can heal itself from trauma, pain and suffering. Currently she resides in Brooklyn and coaches clients to be conscious consumers, taking a whole being approach to helping others reach their highest potential to shine their brightest and connect to their spirit guides. She is on a mission to change the world, one conscious bite at a time.