Tuesday, March 3rd— Vibe Pure: Energy Hygiene for Manifestation


with Nicole Casanova

Do you ever notice how some people seem to have perma-glow and life's pleasures and treasures are magnetized to them? Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where things just don't seem to be flowing toward you? We have each experienced all of these moments and it is all information the universe provides to us about what we are putting out into the world in how it is being reflected back. Life's treasures respond to those who vibe pure, dream with clarity, act with devotion, and embody their purpose.

In this two hour workshop we will discuss manifestations of energetic hygiene. We will recognize the influence that reseting our vibration has on our ability to dream, focus, and enact our inspirations. We will explore sensing prana and energy. We will explore where and how energetic dross in ourselves or others can block us from our most graceful and easeful ability to embody our purpose, and we will employ different methods of clearing and reseting our energetic field including: Smudging with Palo Santo, using a pendulum, and suing Source Light to bathe our subtle energy field.

Recommended for class: a stick of Palo Santo, a notebook, a pendulum.

Price: $40 in advance | $50 the day of

About Nicole Cassanova: My diverse services are intended to guide you toward the highest and most authentic expression of your joy. Whether those seeds are unearthed through energy healing, movement or intuitive instruction, I am grateful to serve in your unique journey by addressing your whole being. My mission is to empower you through gratitude, helping you recognize the value of your personal gifts, reflecting the beauty and validity of your own voice. As a full-time energy worker I offer healing sessions using Reiki, Meditation, Sound Healing, Toning, Shamanism, Angelic Healing, Source Healing, Channeling, and Yoga.