<Tuesday, March 24th, 2020> ONLINE – Breathwork for Connection: You Are Not Alone

ONLINE – Breathwork for Connection: You Are Not Alone

with Tiffany Curren
Tuesday, March 24th

Exchange: $40

This Class will meet ONLINE via ZOOM.

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Do you feel a bit isolated right now? Human beings are naturally social, and connection is crucial for us to feel at peace in our bodies. While we are currently undergoing physical distancing, we don’t need to be social distancing.
The internet has served us well, and now it’s our time to benefit from all that it has to offer. Let’s connect, create community, and breathe together.
Breathwork is a dynamic meditation using an active two-part pranayama to shake things up and release old energy. Deepen your self-knowledge, clear energetic blocks, and let go of the messages that no longer serve you. Breathing with community creates a supportive and safe energy, allowing you to peel back the layers and plant seeds for your created future. Virtually, breathwork is a little different because you get to do it from the comfort of your own home, still with a super playlist, still with a supportive guide to hold space for you.
Grab a blanket and create a space to lay down and experience this practice. We will meet on zoom and create a beautiful container, together.


Tiffany is a Certified Breathwork Healer and Advanced Reiki practitioner. After witnessing how breathwork and reiki transformed her life, she knew that the key to finding her bliss lived within the breath, and that our bodies are our best healers. She holds safe space for people to dive deep and look within, to free up space and live a fully expanded life.