<Tuesday, March 17, 2020> ONLINE -- Breathwork for Letting Go

ONLINE -- Breathwork for Letting Go

with Tiffany Curren
Tuesday, March 17th

Exchange: $40

This Class will meet ONLINE via ZOOM.

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Do you have a hard time letting go of old hurts, residual relationship energy, unresolved endings? Are you ready to move forward but unsure how to let go of the action of hanging on? As we move out of winter and into spring, we can use the season shifting to make epic changes in our own lives.

Holding space for energies that don’t allow us to grow is unnecessary. As we shed the layers of the past and say our final goodbyes to what isn’t working, we open to love and endless possibilities. Move from the cold and barren to the space of renewal, while being supported by the earth’s shift. Here’s a little secret: your breath knows they way.

Breathwork is a dynamic meditation using an active two-part pranayama to shake things up and release old energy. Deepen your self-knowledge, clear energetic blocks, and let go of the messages that no longer serve you. Breathing with community creates a supportive and safe energy, allowing you to peel back the layers and plant seeds for your created future.

Feel free to bring a blanket or an eye pillow for your comfort, if desired. You may also choose to bring any crystals you’d like to take the journey with you.


Tiffany is a Certified Breathwork Healer and Advanced Reiki practitioner. After witnessing how breathwork and reiki transformed her life, she knew that the key to finding her bliss lived within the breath, and that our bodies are our best healers. She holds safe space for people to dive deep and look within, to free up space and live a fully expanded life.