<Tuesday, March 10th 2020> Intro to Moon RItuals

Intro to Moon RItuals

Tuesday, MARCH 10TH



Full moons and new moons provide a powerful time to gather in ritual to reflect, let go and call in anew. The full moon provides a time to reflect on what is no longer serving us and the new moon provides a time to plant seeds for the future.

Each month, Peyton leads Moon Gatherings for the new and full moon. Peyton will share her own experience of moon rituals as well as tools to assist you in building your own personal moon practice.

In this small, intimate group, we will go deep with the energy of the moon, using the current moon as our sample and guide to moon ritual.

This intro class will include:

  • what is a new moon? what is a full moon?
  • introduction to the astrological signs and houses : archetypes , characteristics, themes and mantras
  • how to :: moon rituals and moon altars
  • how to :: intention setting and moon journaling based on the astrological signs
  • a healing meditation & ritual : Reiki, sound healing and rituals to cleanse us and open us to the Full Moon energy

Please provide your birth date, time and place for this class as we will be looking at our birth charts.

What to bring:

  • something to add to the altar (we will be creating an altar together).
  • a notebook and pen


Peyton uses her practice of ritual, ceremony and the healing arts as a form of creative expression and as tools for exploring the embodiment of spirit. It is her service to assist others in connecting with their own unique creative energy, their muses and their guides to create and inspire a ripple of creative exploration of spirit and creative service in the world. She explores and plays with spirit through painting, movement, adornment and song and hopes to inspire others to play with spirit in their own unique way. Her teachers and guides are the sun, the water, the fairies, the swan, the turtle, the dandelions, the seashells and the trees. She is here to be of service to nature, the arts and children. Peyton is a Reiki Master and Akashic Records practitioner. She has also studied and trained in Breathwork, Astrology and Shamanic Journeying. She was born and raised in New Orleans and her roots and heritage greatly influence her work as an artist and practitioner.