Tuesday, July 8th -- Manifesting Your Heart's Desires


Creating ritual to materialize your dreams
with Kristen Boyer

Do you have amazing dreams that you want to ground into reality? Learn how to tap into your path of manifestation with divination through shamanic journeying and create a manifestation ritual that will bring your dreams to life!

Bring an eye covering, notebook and pen


Kristen Boyer is the author of Playing Karma: a former church girl's true journey from bondage to enlightenment, shamanic practitioner, and holistic health counselor in New York City. Kristen combines her training is psychotherapy, art therapy, nutrition, and shamanism to empower her clients to become liberated and whole through shamanic healing. Her former work as a professional dominatrix helps clients to integrate their shadow selves and empower them to embrace wholeness and self acceptance through deep self exploration while liberating them from unhealthy intergenerational wounds.