Tuesday, July 30th -- WORTHY WOMXN: A Breathwork Healing Circle

Tuesday, July 30th -- WORTHY WOMXN: A Breathwork Healing Circle

with Thérèse Cator


“I love myself.
ever.” ~Nayyirah Waheed

You are worthy.

Do you feel the truth of these words in your bones?

Is there a part of you that shrinks and thinks, “Yes, but…”

If so, it’s not your fault.

As womxn, to some degree or another, we all struggle with worthiness.

We live in a culture that sends us mixed messages about our worth. From an early age, many of us learned that our worth was tied to being well-behaved and getting good grades. As we got older, worthiness became associated with our size, age, beauty, race, bank account, intelligence, education and even our social media following.

We all fall somewhere on the spectrum of how much love, success, happiness, health, freedom we believe we’re worthy of having.

The truth is, we were born worthy.

During this breathwork healing circle guided by Thérèse Cator, you’ll use the medicine of your breath to re-connect to your innate worth and begin to heal from the wounds of unworthiness. Please bring a journal for an evening of soul connection set to a beautiful intuitively selected playlist.

This circle is open to all womxn including anyone who identify as such.

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Thérèse Cator is a Life-long Artist, Leadership Coach, Intuitive Healer, Soul Guide. She’s leads healing experiences both virtually and in real life for womxn who desire to reclaim and embody their innate worth and lead with audacity, grace and devotion. She the creator of Circle of Reclamation a healing year-long course for womxn leaders and she’s the founder of Black Girls Breathe. Her work blends coaching, healing, and art with an intersectional trauma sensitive lens to create a transformational healing space. She combines her decade long experience in integrative and executive coaching, and weaves in healing modalities such as breathwork, embodiment and creativity practices, as well as intuitive and energy work. Thérèse comes from a lineage of medicine people, mystics, artists and activists and she honored to share the earth-based ancestral wisdom that she's been practicing since childhood. She’s a graduate of NYU and Rutgers University. She’s back “home” on the east coast after a decade long spiritual quest. Join her diverse global community at theresecator.com.