<Tuesday, July 21st, 2020>  ONLINE – How Do You Choose: An Introduction to Human Design

ONLINE – How Do You Choose: An Introduction to Human Design

with Erin Claire Jones
Tuesday, July 21st




As a cutting-edge personality assessment tool, Human Design sheds light on your emotional, psychological, and energetic makeup, giving you the self-awareness and tools to align with your unique nature and step into your highest potential in every area of your life — in your career, partnerships and relationships.

Human Design brings together ancient wisdom — Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, the Kabbalah — with modern science — Quantum Physics, Genetics — to give you an operating manual for how you uniquely are designed to make decisions and communicate, making it easier to flow and materialize what you truly want in life with every decision you make.

It is the first system of its kind.

Join this workshop to discover whether you are a projector, reflector, generator, or manifestor, and learn who else in the world is your particular Human Design. Get a taste for how you are uniquely designed to make decisions and navigate your relationships and career with the most ease and least resistance as your most authentic self.

Human Design is not about changing who you are, but about giving you full permission to be who you've always been.


Erin Claire Jones is a leadership coach specializing in Human Design. She has been featured in Forbes, Nylon, Well+Good, mindbodygreen and more. She helps leaders and teams step into their highest potential by offering them the self-knowledge and tools to perform at the top of their personal and professional games. She has consulted for startups all over the world, built companies supporting executives, partnerships and small teams to operate more harmoniously and effectively, and conducted research on leadership challenges at 90+ early-stage companies.