<Tuesday, July 14th> ONLINE - Women, Healing, and Money

ONLINE - Women, Healing, and Money

with Monica Shah
Tuesday, July 14th

Exchange: $40  



Women, Healing and Money: An Honest Conversation About How to Generate More + Shift Our Legacy Around Money

Join us to openly discuss women, our obstacles with money, and the opportunities we have to create real change for every generation. If you were the only woman in your family or were restricted by “women must do this” rules - then it’s time to bring a new awareness to these beliefs and change them! In this workshop, we are going deep to uncover the root of where those unhelpful money beliefs came from and replace them with new beliefs that attract abundance and ease. Using her healing and clairvoyance skills, Monica will work with individual participants to uncover and repair money blocks, help set new boundaries, and raise the money vibration. She will also do a money healing ceremony to open the door for awesome abundance on every level.


Monica Shah is a Theta healer, intuitive and business coach. She helps women entrepreneurs and professionals become unblocked around money so that they can create conscious change in the world. Monica has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and runs a 7-figure coaching company, called Revenue Breakthrough. Monica's mission is to change the money conversation on the planet, and start making the world a better place.