<Tuesday,February 25th 2020>Align Breathwork: Forgive

Align Breathwork: Forgive

with Aimée Derbes
Tuesday, February 25th
Exchange: $40


If it’s time to forgive, this group is for you. (Probably also for you if the idea of forgiving makes you want to run fast in the other direction.) Is there something that’s been weighing on your heart, quietly using up your energy? Are there one or two sticky situations where someone didn’t do right by you, or you didn’t do right by someone, that you’ve been wanting to move through but just haven’t known how? In this group, we’re going to let our breath do the heavy lifting to open up space to feel, forgive, and release, and allow ourselves a little more peace.

Breathwork is an active meditation using a specific 2-part breathing pattern to connect to your body and vitality, open up space for stagnant old energy and emotions to flow freely, and expand your heart.

Please wear clothes that are comfortable for you to lie down in. Bring an eye pillow or cover if you like.

Dr. Aimée Derbes, DACM, LAc helps people reconnect with their innate vibrancy and wholeness, so they can navigate being human with more ease. Aimée’s healing arts practice, Align Acupuncture, is a refuge for people who are ready to be deeply supported as they let go of living in chronic stress, refill their wells, and heal in a sustainable, lasting way. She offers acupuncture, Healing Touch, and breathwork sessions and groups in NYC, and works with people all over the country through virtual breathwork and Healing Touch sessions and online groups.