<Tuesday, December 3, 2019> Breathwork for Embodied Manifestation

Breathwork for Embodied Manifestation

with Thérèse Cator
Tuesday, December 3rd

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Manifestation has become a loaded word.

And it's understandable.

The current paradigm of manifestation is predominantly about materialism, excess and filling an endless void.

However, the essence of manifestation is about tapping into the well of our creative power.

The challenge is that many of us manifest from our wounds and stories of brokenness which results in either:
Not creating what we want, so we end up feeling frustrated and stuck.
Creating what we want, but still feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Breathwork for Embodied Manifestation is an invitation to manifest from your soul.

When you manifest intentionally from your soul you tap into the infinite wisdom of your whole, worthy and most expanded self.

This not only allows you to create the life you want for yourself, it also allows you to see the bigger picture of how your vision creates a ripple effect of good in the world.

This is manifestation without discounting the whole.
This is manifestation without bypassing.
This is manifestation with soul.

During this circle, you’ll use your breath, one of the most sacred and potent tools available to you, to release the old wounds and trauma that prevents you from creating what you really want and enjoying the sweet fruits of your labor.

The evening will be guided by Thérèse Cator, Artist, Leadership Coach, Intuitive Healer and Soul Guide all set to a gorgeous playlist.

Breathwork is an active meditation. It’s ancient medicine that helps you explore your inner landscape and in the process, you bypass the mental noise and gain access to your wholeness, creativity and intuition.

This is a diverse and welcoming space open to all womxn, femmes and female identified folx.

Come as you are and together we’ll root deep and rise high.


Thérèse Cator is a Life-long Artist, Leadership Coach, Intuitive Healer and Soul Guide. She leads healing journeys for womxn who desire to reclaim and embody their innate worth and lead with audacity, grace and devotion. She believes that our individual and collective rising is woven to our ability to answer our soul call and bring forth our sacred gifts, medicine and magic in our businesses, art, relationships, communities and organizations. Her work is rooted in love and liberation. She’s the guide for the Visionary Womxn Mastermind and the online course and community Circle of Reclamation. She's also the founder of Black Girls Breathe. Her work blends coaching, healing, and art with an intersectional trauma sensitive lens to create a liberatory and transformational healing space. She combines her decade long experience in coaching, and weaves in healing modalities such as breathwork, movement, embodiment and creativity, trance, intuition and energy work. Thérèse comes from a lineage of medicine people, mystics, artists and activists and she honored to share the earth-based ancestral wisdom that she's been practicing since childhood. She’s a graduate of NYU and Rutgers University. Join her community at www.theresecator.com and receive a meditation as a welcome gift.